Wonders of words

The wonders of words
Can be felt by the listener.
The emotions carried by words
Can be felt by the listener.
Kind words are not meant to hurt.
So why do they?
Why do kind positive words slash my skin and spark or shock my blood?

What is it about words
That move people?
The wonders of words
Can be felt by listeners.
It can build walls for victims.

The wonders of words.
They amaze me .
We human with free will
Amaze me.

We have free will
But are still prisoners.
What went wrong?
We discover new things
We use it ,abuse it
To the point where
We become imprisoned by it.
What went wrong?

I was once told
The freedom I seek
Is not freedom.
Rather it is the need to
Explore the vast things
Outside my window.

The wonders of words
They are keys and arrows
That lead you to another path.
With those words
I now know of the
Freedom I seek.

Freedom can not be given
For it is not yours to give.
Internal freedom is the
One true ultimate freedom we all seek
But this world can not run in
Such delusion.
So I say the wonders
Of words carries weight .
It is the key that allows
One to escape momentarily.

Learn to use words
As the gift it is
For that is the many
Wonders we have abused .

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