Less Than

It’s never said bluntly.
You just have to read
In between the words they speak.
You ain’t like them
Even though you are with them.
You try to act like them
But you still ain’t one of them.

You start to fall short.
They start to come at you
With their words.
Making you feel less than them.
Even when you were raised by them.
You obeyed every rule
Dared not to bend the line.

Done everything to the best.
And even made some sacrifices.
they still making you feel
Less then.
They don’t say it bluntly
They say it through their advice.
They say it through the “you should haves”

You can’t fall short
Even when they tell you it’s okay.
You know when you fall short
Even when they are okay with it
They will use it
To stab you later on.

What must I do
To prove that I am worth it?
What must I do?

Living up to humans standards
Will kill you.
As you go by each day
They eat off you bit by bit
Until you can’t walk or talk
No more.

You cry out to God.
He already told you
But you didn’t listen .
You need rest
To be at your best.
But you rather sell
Your soul
Thinking it would somehow
Make you whole.

You ain’t useful to them
On your knees.
When only half of you shows up.
They look through your needs.
Thrust you aside.
They’ve finished using
You’ve showed up for them
And not for yourself.
You’ve neglected yourself.
Good luck with fixing this mess.

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