Broken Bridge

The feelings we had for each other
Was never one of love
But of lust.
I see it now
With the clouds
Gone .
I can see we were
Craving for affection.
Broken as we were
We craved to be loved
But we made it up
As we go.

We Lived and made our own fairytale.
We lived as though we had conquered the world.
You were my escape
And I was your drug.
After a while I couldnt
Make you feel anything.
After a while you were distant.
What could I do
To bring back
Those moments?

We were the bridge
That our souls would walk on.
We were the bridge that
Mended our broken past.
We were the bridge
That stood strong
In the midst of adversities.

Now the bridge is broken.
I know nothing on how
To fix this bridge.
The broken bridge
Separate us even when
We are physically close.
The broken bridge starts
To fade as you go about
Your life, finding the next thing that
Will make you feel high.

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