The battle with self

There is no finish line
In this world of ours.
There are always weaknessess
To strengthen and battles to win.
The life of ours
Can make us weak
When we allow it.
So I tell you using the
Same words my higher self
Tells me: close that door
Of yours and bang your weaker self out

Go hardcore on yourself
And never let it slip you down.
We are all dying in installatment
So let’s make the walk
To our grave worth it
Let us build a callous mind.
For we are living foot prints for
The younger generation to

There is no finish line
In this world of ours.
Get the rest needed
Otherwise you’d be depressed.
Your body and mind
Needs that deep rest
So give it before
Your death bed
Smashes you.

The battle of self
Is the name of this mission.
I fight my weaker self
Because It is of no use
To me at its current state.
For the loser in me is a
Winner soon to be.
So I must raise up.
Buckle up and always show up.
I will drink up
To knock the edge off
For the knife I use
To sharpen myself with
Gets to sharp at times

So I drink to knock it down a little bit.
Going too hard can kill you if you ain’t smart about it.

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