New day,new ways

We humans were not made to be idle.
We are on this earth to make the most of it and to look after the creations that came before us.
When laying in bed and negative thoughts starts to pop up for no good reason, what you’ve got to do is move. Scream if you want to but don’t let the negatives drown you in your resting position. There is more to this life than you can even imagine. There is a world outside your window. Step out and discover the beauty that the world has.

Life is waiting to show you something. It won’t give it to you when you are in your cosy bed. You have to get up get dressed and step out from your comfort zone. Learn new skills meet new people learn from the elderly,the professionals the Rich and the poor even the homeless all have stories about their encounter with life .learn from those around you and use that to look within you and see what seeds are laying dormant within you waiting for the attention and care.

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Hope you have a rest filled weekend šŸ˜‰šŸ™‚

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