Mystical island of the human beings

I am an island in the middle of the vast ocean. Yes I am alive and living.
No I am never alone but I am alone
Those that notice me
Take a moment from their own mindfilled moments
To share themselves with me.
When will I be ready to speak ?
When the time comes will they be ready to hear me?
Will they be ready to give me their ears and hear me out?

Yes I am an island
But if you take a moment to spend some time with me you will notice that I am sharing my energy with you wanting you to receive and acknowledge me.

Yes I am an island
But I was once a forest.
Yes I am an island
But there was once a village I took in.
With time they left and I stayed
Visitors come though I want them to stay,
But they only do so for a short time.

I am an island I stand alone
That is what you see.
But within and under I am not alone.
So reach out and don’t be afraid, young one
If you don’t , you will miss out on the treasure
That awaits you.

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