Love is like a light switch

Love is like a light Switch
Don’t go depending on it
When you meet a person
They may turn you on.
But Be aware that love is
Like a light switch.
It doesn’t always stay on.

When the switch goes off.
You could still be riding on
That platform you both created.
The platform of respect, patience and understanding.
Love may be a light switch.
Just like any other emotion
Keep an eye on the triggers.
The good and the bad.

Don’t go depending on love
To make the relationship stronger.
Love is like a light switch.
When it goes off I do hope
That you still are riding with each other.
I still hope that you will be together
The dark times are the moments
That make or break the relationship.

Love is like a light switch.
Love is the emotion that
brings two starngers to talk.
Don’t go depending on that emotion.
For it is only a simply light switch.
Think of your poor heart in its stiches
Don’t go rushes into a relationship.
Loneliness cuts us all deep but
Stay with it awhile and learn from
Loneliness as it too has its on lessons
It would like you to learn.

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