God’s slave

Imagine being God’s slave.
Imagine being cursed to do only good things.
If your spirit is pure evil
I guess that would be the worst punishment,right?
This school of thought comes into my mind as I read 1 Peter 2 15.
I find myself asking what is bad about being good or doing good for others?
Simply answer is that when you are filled with darkness and that light comes it will hurt. You will feel the burn but it’s the burn of purification.its like putting vinegar on a fresh wound.you will scream in agony. The agony of being purified.
I guess one would be lucky to be God’s slave.

In a world that is being eaten up by anger, lust and  thirst of power and blood, it can be challenging to be God’s warriors. That’s only if you dare to do it in your own power ha! ( Good luck with that) you must call on God for him to sustain you and give you reliance to go through this daily battle against the unseen.

During this days of fasting I have seen the anguish of evil, they don’t like to see God’s warriors standing in the light. They use students to verbally attack us and we that are fasting and that are in God light we know it’s not the students, we know that they are being used. We have been given the sight. Now I know what Elijah meant when he asked God to give his Elisa sight. For those that are for us are more than those that are against us. It isn’t about the physical sight but it is about the spiritual sight. The joy that i feel is so refreshing I lack words to speak.

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