Know your worth

Love me or leave me
Don’t be buzzing around
Like an aimless bee.
You told me you love me
I just think you want to
Get the jackpot.
You look thirsty
Here grab a couple bottles
Of water
Drink all that.
Cause you ain’t having me.

You said you’ve never
Seen a girl like me
Started called me baby.
I had to be clever
Because one sided love
Is the deadliest of them all.

If you’ve never seen a girl
Like me.
Then I’ve never seen a grown man cry.
Boy pack up your tears
Go find another
Girl you wanna lay
Because this piece of gold
Ain’t for humans like you.

Yes I know x4
You’ve never seen a girl
Like me.
So let me show you
And teach you
How to put up with a girl like me.

We independent
That’s what we are.
We don’t need you
We simply chose you.
If you ego’s in the way
Then bye.
B’cuz I never wanna
Raise my voice
I never Wana front.
So imma say it simple for you.

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