When silence greets us

When silence greets us
It uproots all the clutter
That we have allowed piled up within our minds.

When silence greets us
Our minds go to war.
The sounds which come out from your mouth
Are as a result of the
War in your mind.

When our minds attack us
Everywhere becomes Noisy.
Everything becomes unbearable.
If only we could reap our skins off.
The agony felt within us
Cannot be shown
For when silence greets us
It reveals the litters within ourselves.

Our souls have been tinted without us noticing.
Serenity, light to the touch.
When silence greets us,
It does so gently but cruely.
Soft to the touch
But it burns our minds
With the past

We have over time
Allowed our minds to be cluttered with meaningless things.
We must learn to let go
Of little things.
Yes, be cautious but also be gracious to your being.
Go against the majority.
How does it feel to belong to the minority?

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