In the Dream World

We shall meet in the dream world
Where there are no limitations
Like the ones in the land of the living.
Let us rendezvous in the dream world.
We are boundless
Our future is limitless.
Our lives in the Dreamworld
Is whatever you what it to be.

As I close my eyes and you close yours
We allow ourselves to be intoxicated
By the goodies of the world.
I can feel it in my veins
The burning but yet soothing sensation.
I can feel myself loosing hold of reality
Not that I was grabbing at it for dear life.

As I close my eyes I am slowly liberated
From this vessel of mine
And into a peaceful void.
I feel weightless, at peace.
I don’t think because I can’t think.
There is nothing but me.
I am at peace as the burning sensation
Comes to a cease.

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