Note to self

There are moments in life when we must take a step back and observe ourselves. There are moments in our busy life that we must make intentional actions in order to be at peace with our minds.we are not machines even when the world wants us to be so, that is not what we are.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a thank you note to myself.the reason behind that action was not known. But reflecting back, I am glad I took time to write it to myself (even when I was not aware of the intention). Below is the note I wrote to myself:

Thank you for loving me the way I love me.
It makes me love me even more.
It makes me want to take care of me even more
For I don’t want this love of ours
To wither away so I will continue to love myself
So that your love can make it better than it was with just one sided love.

One person taking care of something is good
But with the extra help it makes it grow a little bit faster and bolder.
When there is an extra added love it makes you Glow.
So keep working on yourself.
Self love is the foundation of any relationship because you are not pouring from an empty vessel 😊

Write a note to yourself. Write a thank you note to yourself. Even if you get appreciation from outsiders it only goes so far, take a moment and appreciate your hard work. Treat yourself. Take yourself out on a date. You deserve it. Believe you me when you thank yourself it feels much better when it comes from you. Because it means that you see yourself and you are self aware.

Looking forward to hearing from you all☺️

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