Unspoken thoughts

Many don’t know
Of the load you carry.
Your smile and humour tends
To hide the pain you feel.
How long will you hide the
How long will you go on pretending
Everything is fine
When you’re drowning in your own reality.

You’re scanning faces
Hoping someone sees the
Person held captive.
They say our eyes are the keys
To the soul.
My soul is slowly dying.
My soul is taken far too many
Pushes from my mind.

Why don’t adults understand
Our daily struggle?
Why don’t parents see us drowning?
We never asked to be born
We never wanted this life.
They wanted us but they come short
With meeting our needs.
We are as much of a liability as they are to us.

Unhealed parents
Traumatised parents
Struggling to bring up another kid
Into this messed up world.
When will this cycle end?
When will we feel welcome
Into this world and into the family?

Many questions
So little answers.
I guess it’s everyone for themselves aye?
What a selfish way of living.
Two souls come together but just for a brief moment.
When will two souls come together to heal the countless broken angels in this world?
Too many questions
So little answers.

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