Monster in bed

Never have I ever
Felt like this.
But I guess never have i ever
Seen you like this.
I thought I was being clever
Will I see this action through?

You have met me half way.
Never did I ever think
You would make such a move.
This is a dangerous game
I am playing.
I got bored of life
So I started playing
With people’s heart.

You trusted me.
Why did you trust me?
Now that you’ve made your move.
Mine is inevitable
And I can’t even undo my thoughts
I can’t undo what I am about to do.
Pure hearted you were
Innocent and vulnerable.
New to the game
But I couldn’t help myself.

I’m sorry but don’t take this personal.
You truly were an amazing person.
My soul is getting hungry
It’s time for its lunch.
Senorina my pure hearted eartly angel.

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