For the first time in forever
My body is quiet.
No tension
No sparking of my blood
No internal irritation.
Just stillness.
My body is finally at peace.

And my mind?
Well let’s just say
It’s still under training.
It’s like two siblings
My body and my mind.
My mind to say one thing
And cause my body to react.
My soul is a helpless by stander not knowing what to do.

The soul had enough and went to seek help.
Now my body is at peace knowing that my mind is just an untamed child.
My body doesn’t react to what my mind says so over time my mind just sits there bored but still creative as ever.
Now it’s time for that friendship to come into play.. but that can’t be because my mind and body have always been at each others neck. My soul has to intervene once again.
Saying it’s for the Good. Working together is how the world came to be
It’s how you came to be.
Put your differences aside and go to work.
Better still under training you will learn to put your differences together to make a beautiful art piece. When the time is right.

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