The new you

Sometimes I would want to thank the world for making me who I am.
Other times with the sadness
I dare say I don’t give a dame
Jump off the balcony and end my life.
But after that then what?
What would become of my soul?
What would become of my dreams?
I would have betrayed myself and God for not making them come true.
I wouldn’t have written the books
I would have completed my videos for YouTube.
Spread the word to those souls slowly dying in installments.

I did tell them we are all walking to our graves.
The only difference is how we walk there and the lessons we teach.
To those souls that don’t have weapons to fight their minds.
We must give it to them.
You truly have to walk through that tunnel towards the light.
If you focus on the light you will find a voice that has been drowned within you.
That voice is the light and in order for it to speak you must search for the opposite of what the other voices are saying to you.

You can’t Do anything but wait for the darkness to fade.
They say if you can’t beat them join them but I say otherwise. I say wait.
Because it is in the waiting that answers will come.
It is in the waiting that you will get another prospective.
You can ask for help and you will have to wait. But don’t be idle in your waiting.
You have to be productive in the waiting like I was. Yes it’s hard to make them understand what you are going through but you must continue to speak and when speaking isn’t doing it you must find another person that will help you. Remember that not everyone that is around can physically help you.
Your cry for help will be heard and it will come to an end but it must not be you that ends your life. You are here to change your life.

Change won’t be good at first but it will be a way for you to breath and find another solution to your current way of being. Do not give in to your weaker self. Change is daunting but it’s the way out of the tunnel.


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