The whispers

The whispers that drown you are the same whispers that used on Jesus.The whispers that drown you are the same ones that I have overcome. I do not overcome this whispers on my own. I do not overcome these whispers on empty. No, I overcame these whispers by filling myself up with the tools and … Continue reading The whispers

The new you

Sometimes I would want to thank the world for making me who I am.Other times with the sadness I dare say I don't give a dame Jump off the balcony and end my life.But after that then what?What would become of my soul?What would become of my dreams?I would have betrayed myself and God for … Continue reading The new you

Debut book: kindle version out now

Hi everyone. I have finally been able to publish my book through amazon. The kindle version of my book is finally out. The paperback will soon be made available. 😊 Available on amazon. Go buy and spread the word😁

Announcement:Postcardsposters and merch

Poetry_de_ria will be launching our merchandise soon. We have got some snippets of some of the products. Follow @merch_de_ria on Instagram for more details and to make requests. You can also email us at : V Due to unforseen circumstances the book "freedom from the mind" has been held back. I have had to … Continue reading Announcement:Postcardsposters and merch

Tips for writing poetry – Guest Video

Thank you so much to Victoria from for preparing this awesome video for the Penable Net YouTube Channel! I hope you all are well and enjoy the video above. Please subscribe to the Penable Channel if you haven’t already! If you’re interested in doing a guest video for the Penable Channel, or have any … Continue reading Tips for writing poetry – Guest Video

The Frustration of the unknown-Blog

When we read a book or watch a film, 9 out of 10 of us are satisfied with the ending and sometimes we are left in suspense leaving some of us thrilled and looking forward to what will happen next. whilst some of us will be unhappy or frustrated. I strongly believe that everything must … Continue reading The Frustration of the unknown-Blog