Can you see?

I'm at theFront rowBut I can't see.How bizarre.Ive got myEyes setOn the goalBut I can't see.So I ask thoseAround meCan you see? Can you seeWhat I am tryingTo see.Can you see thatThe moves I makeIs small but mighty.Can you seeWhat I am doing? I can't see.I don't knowWhether my actionsAre correct or whetherThey are madeAt … Continue reading Can you see?

A mystery

You are a mysteryTo those around you.Some know you.Some admireYour act.Others watchAs you go aboutYour life. You are a mysteryTo those around you.They see youAt a distanceAnd would likeTo get a closerLook at theWork in progress. They see the potential.They admire the dedication.They look aroundAnalysing your moves.The work which isIn progress mustBe tested first.For the … Continue reading A mystery

Joyride of pain

Who out thereCan share thePain with me?The boredomOf isolationThat we confined in. What is social?I may be speakingDuring my darkestHours.That's the only timeMy mind is awake.These words flowWhen I'm in pain.What is lifeWith no pain?The joy rideAlways comesTo an end. Nothing good last forever.I'm glad that it doesn'tBut answer me thisOne questionIf you may:When will … Continue reading Joyride of pain

The old into the new

Let it goThe old does notFit into the new.What is wrongWith you?Don't you likeSomething new?Are you scared? The newIs the unknown.The old is the known.But the knownAlways has an expiry date.Let it goAnd give spaceFor the new. Don't you hearThe wordsSpoken to you?They are fed upOf this versionOf you.Grow up!Grow into yourHigher self.There's nothing wrongIn … Continue reading The old into the new

Nowhere is a place

Nowhere is a placeFor those who wishTo go backwards.Nowhere is a placeWhere the soulsToo scared for the newGo to.It's a placeMany soulsHave being trappedAnd are seekingFor a way out. Who listens toThe seductive voicesCalling out from nowhere?As you strive forwardThings are lookingUp for you.But your past,Those good but hurtfulMoments whisperInto your mind's ears.Their echo increasesTrying … Continue reading Nowhere is a place


You've dropped itYou look aroundHoping someoneWould help you out.They all seem distracted.To your leftA group picking up theirOwn broken piecesTo your rightA group sticking theirPieces together.You look downShaking trembling.Blinded by the tearsTreaming down.Am I invisible?You open your mouthThey look through you. Wipe those tearsTaking deep breathsYou try to putThe pieces together.Deep breaths in and out.You … Continue reading Self

Let down

There's nothingThat can be saidTo undo your decision.You over think the littlesOf things.Once too much youLet it all go. You've let downThe purest of them all.You've forsaken theKindest of them all.She's being there for you.From day one and youDo this to her. Your ways have startedTo affect those around you.You let things beRather than fighting … Continue reading Let down

The addict

You go to itEven when it hurts.You don't like the feelingBut you grave for it.The new doesn't attract you.Don't you like being healthy?Don't you like doing things yourself? You are addicted to the darkThe reason is unknown.Come out from there andStep into the new.The new is goodThe new is needed.Be strong.Don't you want toFeel strong?Don't … Continue reading The addict