Scared but willing

I am scaredBut willingTo go throughWith it.Because i knowIt is good.I know that itWill be worthIt in the long run. I am scaredBut willingTo go throughWith it.Because I knowThere will be helpAlong the way.I know I am notIn this aloneEven when itFeels like it at times.

Tough one

Shut the voicesOf doubt withFscts.Those whispersHold no solidGround.Do not allowThose doubtsLive rent-freeIn your mind.Kick them out. The battle of theMind is a tough one.Stand firm.Stand strong.Do not allowYour territoryTo be sharedWith negativity.Do not allow it. The voice of doubtHolds no truth.They feed onThe seeds ofFear within us. Do not allowThem to get holdOf your imagination.Shut … Continue reading Tough one

The younger generation

To the younger generations.Do they knowOr have they beenTold of the obstaclesThey are boundTo faceIn the years to come? Do they knowOr are they awareOf the barricadesThat will show upOn their journey. How do we tell them?How can we help themEnsure they don't quitEarly. How do weMotivate them?How do we help themKeep that fire of … Continue reading The younger generation


Where is your heart?Where is your mind?Are you in the present,Future or past?They say we humansCan't be in two placesAt once.I think we've provedThat statement toBe wrong. Physically presentBut mentally stuckIn the future ofWhich your imaginationRuns wild. Physically presentBut mentally stuckIn the past of whichEvery decision isQuestioned andArrows of regretSlowly paralysesYour mind. There are someWho … Continue reading Self-awareness

Into the deep

You may wantSomeone with youIn the deep.You may wantTo be savedIn the deep.Stop worrying.You are not drowning. You may beIn the deepBut you are floating.Your mind is fooling you.Stop and breath.Your actions andWorries are drowning you. You are in the deepFor advanced training.Stop worrying.You got this.Nothing has changed.Nothing is new.Stop creating problemsWhere there is none. … Continue reading Into the deep

Self worth

You were neverShown how.But there wereArrows and signsShowing youWhere to go. There is alwaysAn opportunityFor change.We sometimesDon't see itBecause we areLooking at theWrong thing. Show yourselfThe love youWillingly give to others.You are giving GoldTo people who knowNot of its value.Stop and maintainYourself untilIt is time. Do not be fooledWith the movementOf their tongues.For their words … Continue reading Self worth

Peace amongst chaos

The silence is within us.There's chaos all around us.We are at peaceThough the waterIs deep.We are anchoredIn faith and hope.With our headsHeld highOur sight cannotBe taken. There's silence within meWhen choas is all around.I am at peace.I do not fearThe unknown.I do not cry outIn despair.Let us take itDay by day. Every journey hasA pitstopBe … Continue reading Peace amongst chaos


Let us be anchoredIn faith.Let us be anchoredIn hope.Let us never give inEven when we areIn the deep.Keep it upDon't ever look down.Keep it upDon't go looking at others.Keep it up. For with usIs someone greaterThan all.For with usIs the anchorThat will keepus afloat.Bring the Lord with you.Tell the Lord your fears. We shall be … Continue reading Anchored


Have you been bugged?Is your mind bugging you?Perhaps you've allowedThe bugs in.Perhaps you've slippedLeaving the doorOf your mind ooenJust for a wee second.Now you are bugged. Your mind is nowInfested with bugs.Eating up all yourHappiness and serenity.How does one getThe bugs out?How does oneEnsure bugs don'tCome in again? Stay present.Do not worryAbout the futureFor your … Continue reading Bugged