Receiving end

Doubting was the actThat I did.Questioning GodIs this really him?I prayed for the acheTo go away.For the lonely nightsTo be a thing of the past. The Lord confirmed him.My gift from God.My patients has been rewarded.And I love been rewarded.I will keep going.I will keep trustingIn the Lord.For he never disappoints.He has shown meAgain and … Continue reading Receiving end

The push of life

The push for lifeThat is whatThis feels like.I want to relaxBut it's not timeFor such deed.So I am beingPushed IntoDoing thingsThat seemsThrilling butOnly in the long run. Nothing worth doingIs fun at first.There are timesYou just have toDo itFor the future.It will be worthIt eventually. When I stopI am pushedTo keep goingThe push of life.If … Continue reading The push of life

Current of life

The currents of lifeCan push us backwardsWith every struggling breath.We wake upEach dayTo fight againstThe current. Many of the fewAre pushed backwardsAs they grow in years.The current never stop.We are the onesTo grow with theCurrent of life. Who will go against it?Some have triedBut have drownedThose that triedHave been lostIn sea.Floating alongSinging songSaying eordsUnknown to … Continue reading Current of life

The forgotten gift

Have you forgottenOf the giftThat was given to you?I sure did.I am glad I've comeTo that awakening. I am a treasureOnly one can possess.People walk byLooking at the coverBut not really taking timeTo look within.The few that doKeep it close at heart. Over time it becomesForgotten.I have become a forgotten gift.I forgot my value.I forgot … Continue reading The forgotten gift

In Retro

I'm always scaredTo fall behindSo I work likeMy life dependsOn it.It does if you thinkAbout it.Without educationWho am I?I have skillsBut no sponsorTo drive it through. Who am iWithout knowledge?Just a plain boringVesselThat has nothingTo offer in this life.Education has madeMe who am I.God has held me throughIt all. So forgive me ifMy thoughtsAnd actions … Continue reading In Retro


Who out thereCan share thePain with me?The boredomOf isolation .The solitudeThat we confined in. What is social?I may be speakingDuring my darkest hours.That's the only timeMy mind is awake.These wordsFlow when I'mIn pain.What's lifeWith no pain.The joy rideAlways comes to an end. Nothing good last foreverI'm glad that it doesnt.But answer meThis one questionIf you … Continue reading Isolation

Where did loyalty go?

Money kidnapped it.The child of moneyIs greed.It took a shotAt loyalty.I'm looking aroundMy family.I can see itSlowly dissipate.Lack of moneyBreeds hate and jealousy. You won't stickThrough itWith usWhen it gets bad.But like theseasonal birdsYou come backWhen all is well. Money oh moneyI've seen yourhandy work.True loyaltyYou can't buy.It's a seed thatMust be nurtured.Just like respectYou've … Continue reading Where did loyalty go?

Unspoken thoughts

My head my mindOnce was emptyThe wall was up strong.Now I'm all aloneWith nothing butMy studies to completeAnd my future to pounderAbout.I don't know where I'll be2 years from now.I don't know whatThis tiny feeling is about. I'm not scaredI'm just notUsed to beingBlind about my future.My hearts fallen asleepIt's been in a comaSince I … Continue reading Unspoken thoughts