Still learning

I am stillLearning toTame the beastWithin me.There are momentsI allow it to run wildFor it needs meetMy needs. The vessel is notStrong enoughTo contain this beast.What can I doTo tame this beast? What can I doTo train this beast?Self disciplineDoesn't sound fittingAt this momentFor the flesh is weak. What can be doneTo tame this beastFor … Continue reading Still learning

Summer cool breeze

I can't put my fingerOn this feeling.But you sureDo express it betterThan I.I will leave the expressingTo you.You seem to beIn your feelings I will seat backAnd bask at theWords that comeTo me from you.They are likeThe fresh cool breezeThat blows on youOn a hot summers evening. When the sun startsTo set, the wind comesTo … Continue reading Summer cool breeze


You are mineMore than youKnow it.I am yoursI just can't feel it.The distance really is a barrierBut I know my GodIs our carrier. He is with meThrough it all.This is what I sayTo keep me fromGoing insane.The distanceIs a barrierBut I mustn'tAllow it to blockMy heart. My heart's for youOnce I found itCould you pleaseTake … Continue reading Mine

Other half

My other halfIs somewhereLiving his life.Someday I knowI will get to speakWith himWho ever he may be.For I trust in the LordHe knows my needsbetter than any man. My other halfWill complete me.For he is my other half.I have never felt complete.I will wait for the day I meetMy other half.What name will iGive him?The … Continue reading Other half

Into hiding

I've never longedFor someone like this.I've never thought IWould yearn for theTouch of your flesh.But with the wave of longingTo be at your side physically,I chase down the feelingsWith my work.I put all into hiding. The distance is aDouble edged sword.We know more aboutEach other thanI could ever imagine.Trusting you is the firstThing I ever … Continue reading Into hiding

Receiving end

Doubting was the actThat I did.Questioning GodIs this really him?I prayed for the acheTo go away.For the lonely nightsTo be a thing of the past. The Lord confirmed him.My gift from God.My patients has been rewarded.And I love been rewarded.I will keep going.I will keep trustingIn the Lord.For he never disappoints.He has shown meAgain and … Continue reading Receiving end

The push of life

The push for lifeThat is whatThis feels like.I want to relaxBut it's not timeFor such deed.So I am beingPushed IntoDoing thingsThat seemsThrilling butOnly in the long run. Nothing worth doingIs fun at first.There are timesYou just have toDo itFor the future.It will be worthIt eventually. When I stopI am pushedTo keep goingThe push of life.If … Continue reading The push of life

Current of life

The currents of lifeCan push us backwardsWith every struggling breath.We wake upEach dayTo fight againstThe current. Many of the fewAre pushed backwardsAs they grow in years.The current never stop.We are the onesTo grow with theCurrent of life. Who will go against it?Some have triedBut have drownedThose that triedHave been lostIn sea.Floating alongSinging songSaying eordsUnknown to … Continue reading Current of life