Damned if I do, damn if I don’t

I'm filled with such emotions.I I'm unable to express.So I let out weird soundsCause thats my soul speaking.My emotions are comingThrough.Gone are the days when IPress them down.They are they to be expressed.So I go against the wave ofAnixiety and I expressThem in words when they comeOr in groans and random outburst. We don't come … Continue reading Damned if I do, damn if I don’t

No refunds, for Life

The raging seaClashes within me.How to I keep afloat.I get overwhelmedWith every action planLayed out for me.They are hereTo help.But I'm not sureI've got it in meTo see this through. I am depleted.Where can I goFor a refill.My muscles areScreaming.My flesh isslowly decaying.Not to exaggerateBut my fleshIs out of date. Where did I go wrong?Which … Continue reading No refunds, for Life

Act of war

Breaking awayFrom the norm.You've said yourFirst noWhich is anAct of war.Everything isA constant struggle. You say noWhen you usedTo say yes.You've brokenAway from the norm.You have becomeAn asylum seekerIn your own head.Where do youGo to?Who do youGo to? I got tiredOf living this way.I got tiredOf always feelingMiserable and suicidal.I am going to sayNo to … Continue reading Act of war

All systems go

The red lightWas activeFor a year.ScheduledRoutinesWere scrubbed off.All systems wereDisrupted. The emergencyWas not planned.The death ratesWere not expected.Traditional freedomWas tampered with.Like caged animalsBut we have it better. Emergency servicesOn high alert.The overseersThe belittledWere lifted first.The down castThe overarchers.Roles were swapped.All systems go. New skillsWere learnt.New barriersWere madeBut not set.Floating aroundFor fear of a backFire.All systems … Continue reading All systems go


What is itWith my mood?I can't alwaysBe 100.So I feel depleted.Damn!How do I go backTo feeling theWay I felt? There is noGoing back.Do not wish toGo back.Wish to keepMoving forward.With one footInfront of the other. It is throughThe movementThe the helpWill come.Focus on moving.For us on theThings at hand. Leave the restThey will eitherFall into … Continue reading Mood-ful

The avalanche

The avalanche comes.You are surroundedLooking for a way out.You will notBe taken.You will notSurrender. The avalanche comesTo drown you.It chases you.Tries to drown you.You emotionaYour situationYour financesYour studiesRide it out.It looks intimidating.Do not lookAt it. Focus on the goalAhead.The avalancheComes fromBehind.Be aware ofThe triggers.Stay clear dromThe temptation.Create new habits. Divert and change.It may be comingStaright … Continue reading The avalanche