No time to write – Instagram poem prompt

Our minds are filledWe're mentally stuckOn a mari-go-roundOf our past, presentand the  future.We forget to liveWe forget to write. We've forcedOur mindsTo be on lockdown.We physically and mentallyOn lockdownWith much time wastedCause we neverKnew how to spendItWhen we did have it. There's no time to writeCause it's left usIt comes at arms lengthBut it runsTired … Continue reading No time to write – Instagram poem prompt


I wanna take you outI wish you were physicalI wish you were an actual personOh I can feel you.This mushy feeling within meI just want to embrace youBut I can't becauseYou are within meAnd I can't hug meSo what should I do?I can't express in wordsThe feeling you areLetting out. Ouh I can feel you.I … Continue reading Self-Love🥰🥰

The sweet whisper of seduction

Heeyyyy😀 welcome back again to another energy filled poem by yours truly : ria.. Fully known as Victoria. So seduction heyy😉 well I'm guessing all of you well think that this is all sexual and all about romance errrrrrrrrrr I will leave that suspense to you😁 how did this come about without giving any spoilers.. … Continue reading The sweet whisper of seduction

Safety net

I'm fallingCan you see it?I might be trippingBut catch me. Hold meWith your safety net.Dont unbundle me.I feel safe within you.I may have beenCapturedBut with youI don't feelLike a prisoner. When I hearThe words ofInsecurity comeOut of your mouthI will cover itWith reassurance. You ain't strongTo hold me?Don't worryI'll hold you.Help you lightenUp the loadFor … Continue reading Safety net

Don’t understand

Some girls can be bitchy.Why?I don't knowThey probably huggedTheir past for too long.Thinking they knowAll guysSaying they are allThe same.I don't understand them.I don't understand girls. Like I once saidI'm humanI don't fit into a categoryPhysically femaleMentally builtAs a man.I have no filter.Yet I have feelings.I block them offTo focus on my goal. Originally written:11-4-18

Be on time

Going to bed is easyThe battle hasn'tStarted.Oh, not yet !Nothing feels betterThat the relationshipBetween you andYour bed.Reality calls.It's time to get up.It is awake.It hugs youMuch tighterIt sucks you in. You got toBe on time.Give it a fewMore minutes.One barrier down.The next comes up.Shower time - 5 mins max!!Another hugging sessionMan! This feels good.The warmth, … Continue reading Be on time

New skin.

I am a travellerOn a journey.Although itSeems like a questWith many trailsThrown at me.My visionDoes not weaver.My eyes remainsStraight aheadWith only thisBook and pen.I write my encountersAnd feelings. This journey is veryDemandingI may even addLonely.But with theProvider beside me.I am not shaken.I pour all emotionsOut.My one and onlyTherapistProvides me withthe answers beforeI ask the question. … Continue reading New skin.

All on you

You are the oneThat controlsYour mind.Don't go dependingOn people to makeYou feel better.They are humansJust like you.They get stressedAnd lonely.You can't go back.You surround yourselfWith happy people.They don't live theLife you live. You can't leanOn them for happinessThose days are gone.You pick yourself upYou make you happy.It's all on you.

Stop it!

Be aware ofYour surroundings.Stop trying to blockThem outWith music.AcknowledgeThe communicationsTaking place inThe sky.The tiny birdsTweeting high pitched. Stop blocking it.Stop it.Give your soulSome breathing space.Why do you thinkYou are always up tight?You are mentallyCrapped up You have beenMentally hoardingThings which don'tBelong in yourMental space.Clear up!!No one is against youNo one wants badFor you.If they doThat's … Continue reading Stop it!

Now is the time

You've been forcedTo stop.You've managedTo pile your plateWith everything justTo keep you occupied.Now the stormHas come toSweep the plate clean.What will you do now? You've been runningFrom problemsThat needed your fix.But you always sweptIt under the rug. Well I'm sorry to sayBut you have nowhereTo hide or run toFoe qauratineCame knockingAt your doorKnowing you willBe … Continue reading Now is the time