Damned if I do, damn if I don’t

I'm filled with such emotions.I I'm unable to express.So I let out weird soundsCause thats my soul speaking.My emotions are comingThrough.Gone are the days when IPress them down.They are they to be expressed.So I go against the wave ofAnixiety and I expressThem in words when they comeOr in groans and random outburst. We don't come … Continue reading Damned if I do, damn if I don’t

Debut book: kindle version out now

Hi everyone. I have finally been able to publish my book through amazon. The kindle version of my book is finally out. The paperback will soon be made available. 😊 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08WRBB336/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=Freedom+of+the+mind+kindle&qid=1613557721&sr=8-2 Available on amazon. Go buy and spread the word😁

Steady progress

Written words are my escapeSpoken words are my chainsWhat can't be said can be written.What can be doneTo release meI do not know.That will not stop meFrom moving. That will not stop meFrom achieving.My mind is my prisonerNot the other way round.I must keep pushingI must not be staggent. I do not speakDuring hard times.I … Continue reading Steady progress


We have all successfully unconsciously submerged ourselves in the depth of life that we start to ask why we feel a certain negative emotion. We have forcefully dug ourselves in a hole thinking that, by digging further, we would reach the pot of gold: The life we have always dreamt for ourselves. We never stopped … Continue reading Freedom-blog

The Frustration of the unknown-Blog

When we read a book or watch a film, 9 out of 10 of us are satisfied with the ending and sometimes we are left in suspense leaving some of us thrilled and looking forward to what will happen next. whilst some of us will be unhappy or frustrated. I strongly believe that everything must … Continue reading The Frustration of the unknown-Blog

The power of the unseen

The souls of justiceAre currentlyTurning in their graves.They’ve had enoughOf the silent brutality We as a human raceHave allowed to play out.The lost soulsLook at us andWonder why haveWe become so dormant?Wickedness visits us andGives us an uppercut.We stand and ask:Where did that come from? You start to questionthe reasons for that action.There has been … Continue reading The power of the unseen