Half way full

They say that'sA way of beingOptimisticWhen you seeThe cup as halfWay full.Let's dive in a bitDeeper shall we? You are the cup.You are half wayFull.You have a goal.You want to meetYou.You want to beLike them.So you are filledAnd undefeatable. You are never enough.You want to feel enough.You are half way full.It isn't enough.Where's your standards … Continue reading Half way full

All systems go

The red lightWas activeFor a year.ScheduledRoutinesWere scrubbed off.All systems wereDisrupted. The emergencyWas not planned.The death ratesWere not expected.Traditional freedomWas tampered with.Like caged animalsBut we have it better. Emergency servicesOn high alert.The overseersThe belittledWere lifted first.The down castThe overarchers.Roles were swapped.All systems go. New skillsWere learnt.New barriersWere madeBut not set.Floating aroundFor fear of a backFire.All systems … Continue reading All systems go

Scared but willing

I am scaredBut willingTo go throughWith it.Because i knowIt is good.I know that itWill be worthIt in the long run. I am scaredBut willingTo go throughWith it.Because I knowThere will be helpAlong the way.I know I am notIn this aloneEven when itFeels like it at times.

Tough one

Shut the voicesOf doubt withFscts.Those whispersHold no solidGround.Do not allowThose doubtsLive rent-freeIn your mind.Kick them out. The battle of theMind is a tough one.Stand firm.Stand strong.Do not allowYour territoryTo be sharedWith negativity.Do not allow it. The voice of doubtHolds no truth.They feed onThe seeds ofFear within us. Do not allowThem to get holdOf your imagination.Shut … Continue reading Tough one


You are mineMore than youKnow it.I am yoursI just can't feel it.The distance really is a barrierBut I know my GodIs our carrier. He is with meThrough it all.This is what I sayTo keep me fromGoing insane.The distanceIs a barrierBut I mustn'tAllow it to blockMy heart. My heart's for youOnce I found itCould you pleaseTake … Continue reading Mine

In Retro

I'm always scaredTo fall behindSo I work likeMy life dependsOn it.It does if you thinkAbout it.Without educationWho am I?I have skillsBut no sponsorTo drive it through. Who am iWithout knowledge?Just a plain boringVesselThat has nothingTo offer in this life.Education has madeMe who am I.God has held me throughIt all. So forgive me ifMy thoughtsAnd actions … Continue reading In Retro

The vaccume

What is it thatYou want?The things thatSurround youAre treasures ofThis world. What is itThat you want?Tell me and IWill provide.Be carefulWho you go toAsk for help.They may askBut they don't care. They may askBut they will takeAnd it will substrateFrom you. What is itThat you want ?Priceless treasureThat looks amazingBut when consumedThey eat you internally.The … Continue reading The vaccume


There are timesIn my lifeI know Ican do betterBut for whatever reasonI don’t seemTo live up toMy own expectation.You know youAre in controlBut practicallyYou are not in controlHow mind buggginglingIs that? So with everydayThat arises,I try to controlMy thoughts andEmotionsI cant control whatHappens around meBut I can controlWhat’s within me. There are timesIn my lifeI … Continue reading Re-evaluation

Fragile Beings

Cooped upWe’ve being putInto a vesselThat wasn’tOur choice.We were givenA role to playFor a movieWe neverAuditioned for. We go alongDay in, day outIt seemed easyAt first.The script says it all,All we got to doIs follow it accordinglyTo our surpriseThe first 5 pagesSeemed easyWe barelyHad to struggle.Looking aroundSome have it worseWhat happens next?What am I meantTo … Continue reading Fragile Beings