Hangover sleep

I am drunkWith sleep.I do not knowWhen I have HadToo much.I do not knowWhen to stop. I am drunk with sleepMy hangover is curedWith more sleep.Do you also drink toGet rid of your hangover?You drink AlcoholTo get rid of yourHangover from alcohol.I sleep to get rid ofMy hangover from sleep. What's my brainDoing to me?What's … Continue reading Hangover sleep

Stubborn Mr caff

You are in meBut you reactAs though youWant out.Is this you tellingMe something? Caffeine, I feelYou in my blood.My blood is itchy.How can that be?I want you.I need youCan you help me?Stop fighting me. Red thick linesAre in my arm.Stop at once.Can you doYou work?My eyes needsYour help.My brain needsYour spark. Stop your stubbornnessAnd go … Continue reading Stubborn Mr caff


Sometimes, silenceIs all you needTo kick start an action.The power of silenceIs feared by manyAnd loved by some. The elderlies tellThe youths toQuiet down."they are so weird"We say.In reality, we haveNo idea the powerSilence yieldsWhen it is present. The power of silenceIs the swordWhich cuts openYour opponent's throatPreventing them to speak. Silence is extremely loud.Those … Continue reading Silence

Summer cool breeze

I can't put my fingerOn this feeling.But you sureDo express it betterThan I.I will leave the expressingTo you.You seem to beIn your feelings I will seat backAnd bask at theWords that comeTo me from you.They are likeThe fresh cool breezeThat blows on youOn a hot summers evening. When the sun startsTo set, the wind comesTo … Continue reading Summer cool breeze

To those that say

Some may sayI haven't experienced life.To that I sayI have experiencedEnough to write.To express my wordFor those who seems lost.Enough to writeWords that willPave the wayTo the right direction. Little as it maySeem in your eyes.Plenty is in frontOf my eyes.So to those whoSay I haven't experiencedThe pain of lifeI reply:What pain has lifeGiven you … Continue reading To those that say

Questions I pounder about

What is it with lifeThat makes usHate it?Is it that we dontAppreciate it?For all the goodThat it bringsTo us?Or is it the thingsThat it throws at usThat makes usHate it? What is it?Why is it thatFor things to be goodThey first have to be bad?Why can't things justBe simple?I'll answer that questionWe don't value the … Continue reading Questions I pounder about

If our eyes could see

If our eyes couldSee souls andNot bodiesI wonder whatOur reaction wouldBe like?Would humanityFinally believe inThe term "religion"? If our eyes couldSee souls and not bodiesWe would never be lonely.Some may even beTormented and go crazy. If our eyes could seeSouls and not bodiesI rather not think forI do not want to seeThe evil souls that … Continue reading If our eyes could see

Nowhere is a place

Nowhere is a placeFor those who wishTo go backwards.Nowhere is a placeWhere the soulsToo scared for the newGo to.It's a placeMany soulsHave being trappedAnd are seekingFor a way out. Who listens toThe seductive voicesCalling out from nowhere?As you strive forwardThings are lookingUp for you.But your past,Those good but hurtfulMoments whisperInto your mind's ears.Their echo increasesTrying … Continue reading Nowhere is a place

The wings of life

Born bare.Years comeThey slash youWith stones andBranches of experience.The wings of lifeStart to showThrough the scarsThat showOn your back. Yes, they hurt.Yes, it's unfair.But keep on goingBecause you areGrowing wingsThat may lookLike sharp bones. Wipe the bloodWipe the thoughtsDon't let the thoughtsAnchor you.Your feathersWill soon show.Get rid of those stones.Remove themOr stand on them. Use … Continue reading The wings of life