The Black hole

I cry for the child I never got to be.I cry for the way lust snatched innocence out of me.I cry for the nights I was tormented by the events of the past.I cry for the emotions I never could express.There was no time or space to express so I bottled it up. They say … Continue reading The Black hole

Land of the Living

Life is notWhat we make it.You fake itTill it breaks you.Your acting skillsIs a tremendous fail. You belong inThe land of the living.This war you're runningAway from with sleepWill not help you growOr overcome. Stick through it.Fight through thoseLonely nights.You are greaterThan you feelYou are amazing.Wipe those tearsAnd keep on fighting. You must stay in … Continue reading Land of the Living

Where did loyalty go?

Money kidnapped it.The child of moneyIs greed.It took a shotAt loyalty.I'm looking aroundMy family.I can see itSlowly dissipate.Lack of moneyBreeds hate and jealousy. You won't stickThrough itWith usWhen it gets bad.But like theseasonal birdsYou come backWhen all is well. Money oh moneyI've seen yourhandy work.True loyaltyYou can't buy.It's a seed thatMust be nurtured.Just like respectYou've … Continue reading Where did loyalty go?

Modern day Repunzel

Originally written 2016 Don't think it's all that badOr that I'm sad.Just be gladThat I amfinally happy.Like a new born baby.When it smilesWithout a careIn the world.You may beWonderingWhy I'm writingThis.I wouldn't want youTo start worrying.Asking questionsThat you haveno answer to.So here's a giftFrom me to you.A little poem for youTo hang on to. I'm … Continue reading Modern day Repunzel