Have you been bugged?Is your mind bugging you?Perhaps you've allowedThe bugs in.Perhaps you've slippedLeaving the doorOf your mind ooenJust for a wee second.Now you are bugged. Your mind is nowInfested with bugs.Eating up all yourHappiness and serenity.How does one getThe bugs out?How does oneEnsure bugs don'tCome in again? Stay present.Do not worryAbout the futureFor your … Continue reading Bugged

Hangover sleep

I am drunkWith sleep.I do not knowWhen I have HadToo much.I do not knowWhen to stop. I am drunk with sleepMy hangover is curedWith more sleep.Do you also drink toGet rid of your hangover?You drink AlcoholTo get rid of yourHangover from alcohol.I sleep to get rid ofMy hangover from sleep. What's my brainDoing to me?What's … Continue reading Hangover sleep


Sometimes, silenceIs all you needTo kick start an action.The power of silenceIs feared by manyAnd loved by some. The elderlies tellThe youths toQuiet down."they are so weird"We say.In reality, we haveNo idea the powerSilence yieldsWhen it is present. The power of silenceIs the swordWhich cuts openYour opponent's throatPreventing them to speak. Silence is extremely loud.Those … Continue reading Silence

Other half

My other halfIs somewhereLiving his life.Someday I knowI will get to speakWith himWho ever he may be.For I trust in the LordHe knows my needsbetter than any man. My other halfWill complete me.For he is my other half.I have never felt complete.I will wait for the day I meetMy other half.What name will iGive him?The … Continue reading Other half

Nowhere is a place

Nowhere is a placeFor those who wishTo go backwards.Nowhere is a placeWhere the soulsToo scared for the newGo to.It's a placeMany soulsHave being trappedAnd are seekingFor a way out. Who listens toThe seductive voicesCalling out from nowhere?As you strive forwardThings are lookingUp for you.But your past,Those good but hurtfulMoments whisperInto your mind's ears.Their echo increasesTrying … Continue reading Nowhere is a place

Trust me.

Will you trust me?I'm over herePleading forYour trust.I am notFrom your past.Let them goDon't you see?I will neverHurt you.Can't you tell?Your happinessIs my happiness. We've sharedSo much.You've opened up.Please trust meAnd give meYour heart.When you hurtI hurt too.We may notBe conjoinedBut my soulHas attachedItself with you. I care and love you.I want moreOf your vulnerableSoul.Trust … Continue reading Trust me.

Freeing of the Soul

Why are they crying?The soul has been set freeThere is a limitTo what we humansCan do in this world.When the soulLeaves the vessel.It is freeThe things itCan do is limitlessThe creator seesThe whole pictureHe zooms inHe zooms pastHe comes backThese humansAre in for aDrastic fall.