Unspoken thoughts

Many don't knowOf the load you carry.Your smile and humour tends To hide the pain you feel.How long will you hide the Pain?How long will you go on pretending Everything is fine When you're drowning in your own reality.You're scanning faces Hoping someone sees the Person held captive.They say our eyes are the keysTo the … Continue reading Unspoken thoughts

Less Than

It's never said bluntly.You just have to readIn between the words they speak.You ain't like themEven though you are with them.You try to act like themBut you still ain't one of them. You start to fall short.They start to come at youWith their words.Making you feel less than them.Even when you were raised by them.You … Continue reading Less Than

Energy vampires

You show up for everyoneBut never for yourself.And you wonder whyYou self hate has increasedDrastically.You give your allTo energy vampires.And you wonder whyYou're feels lessOf yourself and moreOf their negative energy. Be carefulOf who you showUp for.Be careful who youGive your time to.This isn't only about family.This is about your dayTo day life.Let the eyes … Continue reading Energy vampires

Not who I thought

I've got to check myselfCause I thought I knew myself.Through this journey,The hurt childSlowly became theDead child.What was is notWhat is. Your identity is notIn the past.Who am I lookingFor in the past?Just a few gapsThat had to be healed.Don't beat yourselfUp over it.You never knewAbout it. I thought I knew myself.Never thought my pastLead … Continue reading Not who I thought

Half way full

They say that'sA way of beingOptimisticWhen you seeThe cup as halfWay full.Let's dive in a bitDeeper shall we? You are the cup.You are half wayFull.You have a goal.You want to meetYou.You want to beLike them.So you are filledAnd undefeatable. You are never enough.You want to feel enough.You are half way full.It isn't enough.Where's your standards … Continue reading Half way full

The younger generation

To the younger generations.Do they knowOr have they beenTold of the obstaclesThey are boundTo faceIn the years to come? Do they knowOr are they awareOf the barricadesThat will show upOn their journey. How do we tell them?How can we help themEnsure they don't quitEarly. How do weMotivate them?How do we help themKeep that fire of … Continue reading The younger generation

Joyride of pain

Who out thereCan share thePain with me?The boredomOf isolationThat we confined in. What is social?I may be speakingDuring my darkestHours.That's the only timeMy mind is awake.These words flowWhen I'm in pain.What is lifeWith no pain?The joy rideAlways comesTo an end. Nothing good last forever.I'm glad that it doesn'tBut answer me thisOne questionIf you may:When will … Continue reading Joyride of pain

The old into the new

Let it goThe old does notFit into the new.What is wrongWith you?Don't you likeSomething new?Are you scared? The newIs the unknown.The old is the known.But the knownAlways has an expiry date.Let it goAnd give spaceFor the new. Don't you hearThe wordsSpoken to you?They are fed upOf this versionOf you.Grow up!Grow into yourHigher self.There's nothing wrongIn … Continue reading The old into the new

What is life

What is life mateWhat is life.When you workYou get paid.The money hasalready beingSpent even beforeEntering your account. Tell me someoneWhat is life?Is it the moneyThat we makeOr the happinessThat we seem to fake.What is life?Can someone tell me? Where, when and howDoes life make senseI am willing to waitIt out. Is life a race?Always chasingThings … Continue reading What is life