The power of the unseen

The souls of justiceAre currentlyTurning in their graves.They’ve had enoughOf the silent brutality We as a human raceHave allowed to play out.The lost soulsLook at us andWonder why haveWe become so dormant?Wickedness visits us andGives us an uppercut.We stand and ask:Where did that come from? You start to questionthe reasons for that action.There has been … Continue reading The power of the unseen

Peacefully Chaotic

How does one findPeace in the mist of chaos?They say completeOpposite tend to attract.Well my peace hasCertainly being tested.In the mist of noiseFake tearsAnd a high pitch studderningOf words from theYounger clans of humans. To enter in the mistOf chaosOne must trainYour mind.I'm in a seasonWhere I'm beingTrained to becomeJake of all trades.Experience is whatWill … Continue reading Peacefully Chaotic

Give in but don’t give up

Have you ever felt that resistance within you? Like you want to do something but then again you don't want to do it even though you know that it's good or it will do you some good? well, that is what this poem is slightly about. it  tells a story of that resistance or fight. … Continue reading Give in but don’t give up


 originally written 2017My father was always brave.Never showingWhen he was down.But when his fatherDied things spiralledOut of control.The crown is nowIn his head.For his step brothersLeft their fatherFor dead. The anger and jealousyFollowed my grandfatherTo his death bed."Why does he have this?"" I want this land"They never did letTheir request endUp until his deathbed. This … Continue reading Bloodshed


What have I doneTo you that allowsFor you to tormentMe like so?From a young ageWe have alwaysBeen friends.I would runTo you forProtection.You would embraceAnd protect meFrom the outside world. You and I wereanswer inseparableBut something changed.In my teensYou turnt against meAnd began toBully me. How could aPrecious thingSuch as sleepBully a humanLike me?.I want us … Continue reading Bully

Can’t wait

Originally written : 25-09-2016 You got toLet it goAnd just goWith the positive flow.Yeah, it canGet hardSometimes.You don't haveto be so uptight. I'm always beingTold to loosen up.I'm taking everythingWay too seriously.I'm just scared.I don't want toLoose my grip.I don't want toGo back to theOld me. I don't know whatTo do.I am so usedTo been … Continue reading Can’t wait

Don’t understand

Some girls can be bitchy.Why?I don't knowThey probably huggedTheir past for too long.Thinking they knowAll guysSaying they are allThe same.I don't understand them.I don't understand girls. Like I once saidI'm humanI don't fit into a categoryPhysically femaleMentally builtAs a man.I have no filter.Yet I have feelings.I block them offTo focus on my goal. Originally written:11-4-18

Never ending

You fought the nightYou wrestled against theShadows of yourChildhoods past.You were capturedAnd heldIn the drumming room.Slepless nightsHad your pillowWith wet patches. Your lifeless companionNext to youYou held it close.What wordsWould it sayThat would comfort youIn the drumming room.The banging never seized.The temporary medsSeemed to have worked. Years gone passedDifferent battlesYou had to fight.Comparing yoursTo people … Continue reading Never ending


Maintenance requires little energy Balance requires attention And awareness. Both can and has been Accomplished. So why is it daunting For me? Why am I not able to Maintain the simplest Of things? You ain't in control And your awareness Isn't stable. Maintaining equilibriumIs a disciplineOf its own.To maintain balanceYou must get hold of yourself … Continue reading Equilibrium