Less Than

It's never said bluntly.You just have to readIn between the words they speak.You ain't like themEven though you are with them.You try to act like themBut you still ain't one of them. You start to fall short.They start to come at youWith their words.Making you feel less than them.Even when you were raised by them.You … Continue reading Less Than

The sticky war of addiction

Nothing can be said that would change their minds. There are no actions that you can make that would make them turn their backs on the only thing that fills them up. Nothing. Just like one person alone can’t pull another person up off from the sticky mud, which with every move made to try … Continue reading The sticky war of addiction

I don’t know

Do u see meAs I see you?The words you speakDo they slowly meltYour spirit like yoursDoes to mine?. I don't knowWhere you came from.I don't know whyOur path has crossed.But I'm sure that ifYou were to leave thisWorld my soul willMiss your physical presence.The distance created willHurt. Why did our paths cross?What is it that … Continue reading I don’t know

Energy vampires

You show up for everyoneBut never for yourself.And you wonder whyYou self hate has increasedDrastically.You give your allTo energy vampires.And you wonder whyYou're feels lessOf yourself and moreOf their negative energy. Be carefulOf who you showUp for.Be careful who youGive your time to.This isn't only about family.This is about your dayTo day life.Let the eyes … Continue reading Energy vampires

Interior renovation

Not until you haveA genuine chat with someoneWill you know their true beauty True beauty isn'tin appearance alone.What makes a house aHome is the peopleWithin it andThe time and attentionIt took for interior renovation. We are all renovating ourselves.One way or another.We are all at different stages.No one enters a homeTo which the renovationIs not … Continue reading Interior renovation

For Me

If you can'tDo it for you.Please do itFor me.I want for youWhat I have for me. Fight for me.Live another DayFor me.Fight for me.I want for youTo see the beautyThat stands before me. If you can'tDo it for you.Do it for me.Come to me.You are a treasureIn the dark.Keep puttingOne foot in frontOf the other. … Continue reading For Me

The addict

You go to itEven when it hurts.You don't like the feelingBut you grave for it.The new doesn't attract you.Don't you like being healthy?Don't you like doing things yourself? You are addicted to the darkThe reason is unknown.Come out from there andStep into the new.The new is goodThe new is needed.Be strong.Don't you want toFeel strong?Don't … Continue reading The addict

Land of the Living

Life is notWhat we make it.You fake itTill it breaks you.Your acting skillsIs a tremendous fail. You belong inThe land of the living.This war you're runningAway from with sleepWill not help you growOr overcome. Stick through it.Fight through thoseLonely nights.You are greaterThan you feelYou are amazing.Wipe those tearsAnd keep on fighting. You must stay in … Continue reading Land of the Living


Mentally thinking peopleAre against meWishing for them to understand meMy eyes may be openedBut my ears are glued shut.Hearing the supportFrom people thatNever used to supportIsn't easyTo get used to.With repeatitionMy ears are openedBut my heart is dark.No kind words makeThem beat. Receiving refuge fromOutsiders.Scared to go to famThey don't understandI tell myselfBut why oh … Continue reading Change

Keep going

You've got thisYou know you doYou want it to endBut it's too early.You must seeThis throughYou're almost there.Don't give up now There are no wordsAn outsider can sayThat will make youKeep going.There is no amountOf pleadingThat will makeThis night go any faster. The timealready StartedYou mustsee it throughYou've got this.You fallYou pick yourselfBack up againYou … Continue reading Keep going