Note to self

There are moments in life when we must take a step back and observe ourselves. There are moments in our busy life that we must make intentional actions in order to be at peace with our minds.we are not machines even when the world wants us to be so, that is not what we are. … Continue reading Note to self

Know your worth

Love me or leave meDon't be buzzing around Like an aimless bee.You told me you love me I just think you want to Get the jackpot.You look thirstyHere grab a couple bottlesOf water Drink all that.Cause you ain't having me.You said you've never Seen a girl like me Started called me baby.I had to be … Continue reading Know your worth

Habibi you don’t understand

Your words areLike Plasters thatBatch up my brokennessTogether.Habibi you don't understandI pray you'll understandOne day. When we comeTogether.When we meetPhysically, I prayThat God gives meThe words to exoressHow your wordsSlowly heals me. Your attentionShort or longFeels me up.I was onceFacing each dayEmpty, with nothingBut the all mightyTo fill my starving soul. I have been hurtI … Continue reading Habibi you don’t understand

A mystery

You are a mysteryTo those around you.Some know you.Some admireYour act.Others watchAs you go aboutYour life. You are a mysteryTo those around you.They see youAt a distanceAnd would likeTo get a closerLook at theWork in progress. They see the potential.They admire the dedication.They look aroundAnalysing your moves.The work which isIn progress mustBe tested first.For the … Continue reading A mystery

Summer cool breeze

I can't put my fingerOn this feeling.But you sureDo express it betterThan I.I will leave the expressingTo you.You seem to beIn your feelings I will seat backAnd bask at theWords that comeTo me from you.They are likeThe fresh cool breezeThat blows on youOn a hot summers evening. When the sun startsTo set, the wind comesTo … Continue reading Summer cool breeze

Other half

My other halfIs somewhereLiving his life.Someday I knowI will get to speakWith himWho ever he may be.For I trust in the LordHe knows my needsbetter than any man. My other halfWill complete me.For he is my other half.I have never felt complete.I will wait for the day I meetMy other half.What name will iGive him?The … Continue reading Other half

Receiving end

Doubting was the actThat I did.Questioning GodIs this really him?I prayed for the acheTo go away.For the lonely nightsTo be a thing of the past. The Lord confirmed him.My gift from God.My patients has been rewarded.And I love been rewarded.I will keep going.I will keep trustingIn the Lord.For he never disappoints.He has shown meAgain and … Continue reading Receiving end

Interior renovation

Not until you haveA genuine chat with someoneWill you know their true beauty True beauty isn'tin appearance alone.What makes a house aHome is the peopleWithin it andThe time and attentionIt took for interior renovation. We are all renovating ourselves.One way or another.We are all at different stages.No one enters a homeTo which the renovationIs not … Continue reading Interior renovation


Relationships are hardIf you want it to lastYou've got to be willing.Are you willing toPlay the long gameOr is it just temporary? Who ever it may be with.Please be considerate.What you wouldn't likeOthers do to youPlease don't do itTo others.They are humanJust like you.They are cravingJust like you. Relationships are transactionsMade between two humans.It's not … Continue reading Relationships

A little too much

You like what you seeBut struggle to get it.Try to make yourselfHappy by surroundingYourself by bodies.Forcing an emotion out.Or trying to block it all out.Is alittle too muchDon't you think? You ain't feeling rightStarted on the wrong footHad a little too muchTo drink.She calls you a prickDid he tell youYou ain't worth it? Speak it … Continue reading A little too much