Prey do tell

Prey do tellWhat is itWith the generationOf today?When we haveWe over time are not happy.You ask becauseYou don't have.You give attitudeFor being given .what you asked for. Prey do tellWhy half is stuckIn the danger zoneOf comfortable?The other halfWell I know littleOf the other half. Prey do tellWhy we not meFake it to make it?Short … Continue reading Prey do tell


You've dropped itYou look aroundHoping someoneWould help you out.They all seem distracted.To your leftA group picking up theirOwn broken piecesTo your rightA group sticking theirPieces together.You look downShaking trembling.Blinded by the tearsTreaming down.Am I invisible?You open your mouthThey look through you. Wipe those tearsTaking deep breathsYou try to putThe pieces together.Deep breaths in and out.You … Continue reading Self

In Retro

I'm always scaredTo fall behindSo I work likeMy life dependsOn it.It does if you thinkAbout it.Without educationWho am I?I have skillsBut no sponsorTo drive it through. Who am iWithout knowledge?Just a plain boringVesselThat has nothingTo offer in this life.Education has madeMe who am I.God has held me throughIt all. So forgive me ifMy thoughtsAnd actions … Continue reading In Retro

Interior renovation

Not until you haveA genuine chat with someoneWill you know their true beauty True beauty isn'tin appearance alone.What makes a house aHome is the peopleWithin it andThe time and attentionIt took for interior renovation. We are all renovating ourselves.One way or another.We are all at different stages.No one enters a homeTo which the renovationIs not … Continue reading Interior renovation

For Me

If you can'tDo it for you.Please do itFor me.I want for youWhat I have for me. Fight for me.Live another DayFor me.Fight for me.I want for youTo see the beautyThat stands before me. If you can'tDo it for you.Do it for me.Come to me.You are a treasureIn the dark.Keep puttingOne foot in frontOf the other. … Continue reading For Me

Self-discipline 101

Your undecivenessis causing delay.You got to pick it upand get a move on.No one will liveYour life for you.Suck it up andGet a move on. Your undecivenessIs causing youTo be come incompetent.They look at youAnd ask what is this?You are living in a shellFor unknown reasons.You are not a passengerYou are the driver.Get a gripAnd … Continue reading Self-discipline 101


Never run awayFrom who you are.You are a master piece.An art work in the making.Your laughter is harmony.Your imagination is mind blowing.Your smile came from the sun.Your a beauty.You are too handsomeFor human eye. Never run awayFrom who you are.Your body is your treasure.Love it and care for itDon't let the wordsOr others despiseThe treasure … Continue reading Masterpiece

Self -love

I'm in loveWith my futureself.Is that even possible?Well I guess it is.I want to be that personBut I have to workTo meet that person. The process I don't like.The constant day dreaming.I'm in loveWith my future self.If only she was real.I would work hardTo dispose this versionOf meVicky 2.0 is currently pending. They say I'm … Continue reading Self -love