The Harsh Truth

you cant really

 force things to happen

in your favour.

if it wasnt meant to be

it will not happen.

dont go stressing yourself

on things that cant be helped.


you jump from one boy to another.

you jump from one girl to another.

your body count increases each day,

trying to find “the one”

but you start to slowly lose yourself

in each one.

at the end you dont know

who you have become.

Blaming the girl or the boy

that made you is the harsh truth:

you are to blame.

wanting to join “the wave”.

you follow your friends

so your start to play the fool.


no need to play

that part no more.

you have become the part

completely losing yourself

to someone who

only used you.

you just got slapped

by the harsh truth.

never blame other

start by blaming yourself.


it’s never too late

for a change.

you’ve messed up

that’s not all.

keep your head up.

look to the future.

you may even get

a son or a daughter.

you’ve learnt

your lesson

now its time

to pass it forward.

tell it as it is:

the harsh truth

hard to hear

easy to remember.

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