within me

The light within me

Shines brighter than day.

The load i bare

Is unknown to me.

There is something coming 

I can feel it within.

The force of authority

Resonates within me.

I am a solider of God.

I have been given 

A gift unknown to me

I do not know 

How to open it .

I do not know 

How to access it

For now,

The gift within me 

Lays dormant 

Until it is time.

If God does not 

Tell you to move,

You stay put.

You do not move.

He has tested and 

trained me well.

Through my dad,

I know the importance of 

Obedience and loyalty.

Through my dad,

I know not to lie or

Take what is not yours.

The Lord had placed 

Something within me 

I can not access it.

It is weighing me down

Because i want to access it

But it is not time.

If God does not move 

You continue doing

What you are doing 

Until he tells you to move.

Be still my soul 

For the Lord is righteous

He has not forgotten you.

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