Stop it!

Be aware of
Your surroundings.
Stop trying to block
Them out
With music.
The communications
Taking place in
The sky.
The tiny birds
Tweeting high pitched.

Stop blocking it.
Stop it.
Give your soul
Some breathing space.
Why do you think
You are always up tight?
You are mentally
Crapped up

You have been
Mentally hoarding
Things which don’t
Belong in your
Mental space.
Clear up!!
No one is against you
No one wants bad
For you.
If they do
That’s on them.

Let go and
Make room
For our energy
That has been
Coming your way
Ever since.

Don’t hold on
To everything
That comes
Your way.
When walking
On the streets
You don’t hold on
To passers by
Do you?
So why hold on
To comments
People say or
They vibe
They give off?

Let go and make room
Now is the time
For mental awareness.
The world isn’t out
To get you.
You’ve done
Nothing wrong
Or have you?…

5 thoughts on “Stop it!

    1. I’ve tried to feel it but it’s too much the emotional pain hurts sooo much.. I honestly regret having shoved it away for soooo long.. It is paaaaaiiiin fuuuul oh my


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