Where did loyalty go?

Money kidnapped it.
The child of money
Is greed.
It took a shot
At loyalty.
I’m looking around
My family.
I can see it
Slowly dissipate.
Lack of money
Breeds hate and jealousy.

You won’t stick
Through it
With us
When it gets bad.
But like the
seasonal birds
You come back
When all is well.

Money oh money
I’ve seen your
handy work.
True loyalty
You can’t buy.
It’s a seed that
Must be nurtured.
Just like respect
You’ve successfully
Kidnapped it too.

Anything man-made
Always controls us
One way or another.

I will not allow you
Take loyalty again.
I will nurture it
Withing the
Younger gen.
I’ve got an army
I don’t think
You’re ready for
The war
You’ve instigated.

Loyalty is almost
dead in adults.
Just as money came
To seduce loyalty.
I will use diplomacy,
Time and attention
To slowly bring
It back.
Where ever loyalty goes
Respect is sure to follow.

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