Showing up (COVID experience)

Show up to each day with positivity.
It’s not easy to do so especially if you are still recovering from the day before .or even if you are ill.

Keep showing up for yourself. You will get better . Today will be better than yesterday because you showed up differently. You don’t look into the negatives you look outside. Is the sun shining? Do I draw? Do you paint. Do you sing or write? Or better still pick up a book and get lost in that book.its better than being idle.

By you doing these things you are showing up for yourself. You are not giving up on yourself. Just like I’m not giving up on myself. I’ve been in need  because I’ve tested positive I laughed . Yes that’s what I did. My mum was shocked. She said is this girl crazy? Wow my daughter as gone crazy she’s laughing.

I laughed because I was happy. Not that I tested positive but that i get to stay home and not go to work.. stupid thought but yaay me. Even when I lost my sense of smell. I was laughing as well. Like I can breath but I can’t smell. Wooow what an amazing experience. There is nothing that can be thrown at me that I won’t look at the good side of it. You know why? I am tired of looking at the negatives. I am tired and sick of been depressed and dark. It’s no fun.

So come at me as you may and I will find the good in every bad thing. That was the only way I had to keep going. I had to create something good in each day. I learnt this in university when I was working and attending lectures aswell.. this also lead to me drinking but that’s another story.

Start showing up for yourself and don’t you stop. Because I sure as hell won’t stop showing up for myself. I must meet the version of me God sees.

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