The whispers

The whispers that drown you are the same whispers that used on Jesus.

The whispers that drown you are the same ones that I have overcome. I do not overcome this whispers on my own. I do not overcome these whispers on empty. No, I overcame these whispers by filling myself up with the tools and the murmur that will be used to fight against these whispers. You must surely prepare yourself for battle. You have been under attack not once, not twice but multiple times. You did not survive the first battle without seeking for help. You cried unto the Lord and he came through for you. You fight the battles of the unseen with weapons of the unseen. There is power in the unseen and the territory that you are on is very precious so therefore you must guard and protect it. the content that this vessel has, carries potential it is very and highly precious and it is because of this, that you must stay awake and fill yourselves up with the positive things to fight back the whispers that come during the night time.

At night-time when you are taking off guard, when you are faced with a new challenge or when you are building and expanding your territory, you must fill yourself up to be ready for attack. you must fill up and clean up your artillery, ready for the battle field because the ground of which you stand is very precious. you know not of what you are but the person who attacks feels the energy that comes out of you and as a result of this energy it comes to destroy you.

The whispers of suicide, the whispers of doubt, the whispers of negativity will not take hold of you any longer. you must protect and fight for your territory . you will live to see another day. you will live to fight again. so fill yourself up with the good things. fill yourself up with the word of the Lord for he will help you fight the battles . yes ,you will be attacked, but you will not be bruised any longer. Go out now and get more people to help you with this battle. you did not come into this world alone you were brought into this world with the help of many hands which also helped nurture and protect you when you were just a little tot. you are now emerging to become a new person , you are now becoming an advanced human and with that, comes some challenges, one that you will not get through successfully on your own.

Get the help you need. Ask for the help that is needed. Do not be afraid, do not jump to conclusions and think that they will not help you. The right ones will, but before you get to the right one you must first learn the process of asking and becoming humble- that is one of the requirements of being human.

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