The power of the unseen

The souls of justice
Are currently
Turning in their graves.
They’ve had enough
Of the silent brutality

We as a human race
Have allowed to play out.
The lost souls
Look at us and
Wonder why have
We become so dormant?
Wickedness visits us and
Gives us an uppercut.
We stand and ask:
Where did that come from?

You start to question
the reasons for that action.
There has been a lot of
Actions which have
been kept away from
from the human eye.
Call it cowardness
Or whatever.
The truth shall one day
Raise from the dirt
It was once buried in.

You may go by with
your immoral acts.
Spreading fear to
Those who have all
To lose.
The souls which are
Unseen to the
human eyes
See the
actions made.

The souls lost
decade ago
And centuries
gone past
Watch as
their numbers
Become vast.
These humans
Are setting them
Free thinking
They have won.
They do not know
What awaits them.

You humans
are limited
In the things
you can you.
For those whose voices
Were snatched away,
We stand with you
We may be the
Souls lost but
Your constant memories
Of the injustice
And immoral acts
Which were done
To us has made us
support you.

We too fight
along side you.
You may not
See us but
I leave you with this:
There is great power
In the unseen.
God sees as you act
He will protect.
Fighting back like David
With one stone
Against the giant.
We stand united,
The power of the
unseen is with you all.

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