The sweet whisper of seduction

Heeyyyy😀 welcome back again to another energy filled poem by yours truly : ria.. Fully known as Victoria.

So seduction heyy😉 well I’m guessing all of you well think that this is all sexual and all about romance errrrrrrrrrr I will leave that suspense to you😁 how did this come about without giving any spoilers.. Well let’s just say the bed and timeless lockdown feels like an early summer holiday for me as a student.. Who is writing her final bachelor degree exams🙈 no stress no pressure you put in the hard work and it reaps you a beautiful success that you only dreamt or fantasised about😊.

Temptation is soo good ouuuh 🥰🥰 but too much isn’t… right ? Well here goes

Drum rolls PLEEEASE

I would like to present to you a poem written by yours truly called: a sweet whisper of seduction. Enjoy 😀😁

Ooouuh you are Good!!
Oouh you are
so so good.
You almost had me
For a second.
It may be lockdown
For sure you ain’t
Keeping locked down.
I know what
Needs doing today.
I wish I didn’t
And that might have
Been where you grew.

With every internal
You would grow.
Your roots became
With each
Emotion attached
To the wish.

Don’t you dare
Stop me from
Getting out
Of my bed!!
Don’t you dare
Touch my eyes.
They were not
Heavy the second
I opened them
To turn off my alarm.

Your sweet words
Ooouuhh they feel
So cosy.
They swim to my mind.
I can feel your sweet
Raspberry hot
Seductive voice
Telling me to
Snooze it one more.

I’ve snoozed it
For more than
I can bloody count!!
Now it’s 6am
I was meant to
Be up at 4!
Damn it!!
You may have
Won the previous
But here right now?
Is where
I draw the line.
And win this match!!

8 thoughts on “The sweet whisper of seduction

    1. I’m glad you do 😅 me? I’m currently stressed got a 4 hour exam today and it’s 50% of the component. It’s the final exam I don’t want to mess up but I was to go back to my bed I want to relax I want to chill and do nothing ouuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh 😩😌😌. 😅😅 This poem is currently my state of mind😅

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know so I’m not thinking otherwise! I GOT THIS ouh after this 4 hour exam I’m going to send to one of my chapters for you to read it and get constructive feedback or constructive criticism is that alright with you? I haven’t written anything in over a month but once I’m through with this exam I’m going to read over and edit the chapters I’ve written so far but I want to get an outsiders point of view.. I want to send it out for editing and publishing soon but I want it to be outstanding first

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, you got this Victoria! I’m confident that you’ll pass!
        Just stay calm, don’t worry and do the best you can ❤️❤️❤️
        Oh yes!
        You can send it through my contact page, I’m soooo excited to read it!
        You can count on me to give you constructive feedback ❤️🤗
        And I’m sure its already outstanding ❤️❤️❤️😘

        Liked by 1 person

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