Not who I thought

I’ve got to check myself
Cause I thought I knew myself.
Through this journey,
The hurt child
Slowly became the
Dead child.
What was is not
What is.

Your identity is not
In the past.
Who am I looking
For in the past?
Just a few gaps
That had to be healed.
Don’t beat yourself
Up over it.
You never knew
About it.

I thought I knew myself.
Never thought my past
Lead to a dead child.
The old me is not
The new me.
My identity is not
In my past.
I am not what I was.
I am what God says
I am.
I am the vessel
In which he will work through.
This I know.

I am not what I was.
A dead child is
What I’ve come to see.
The identity of me
Is not in the past.
It is in the becoming
Of the new me.
Let the past rest
In peace.
For the past
Has no power
Over me.
I’ve checked myself
Now I know what I know.
The Lord is my guide.
My strength and my shield.
He walks with me through deep waters.
Why should I fear.

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