Energy vampires

You show up for everyone
But never for yourself.
And you wonder why
You self hate has increased
You give your all
To energy vampires.
And you wonder why
You’re feels less
Of yourself and more
Of their negative energy.

Be careful
Of who you show
Up for.
Be careful who you
Give your time to.
This isn’t only about family.
This is about your day
To day life.
Let the eyes of you heart
Not be blinded by
Their smiles and thank yous.
Let the heart of your heart
Not be moved by the sweet
Words that gushes out
Of their mouths.

Take a moment
And listen to yourself.
You heart and guts are speaking
But you are not listening.
When your time is up.
Stand up and be gone
Don’t look back.
The memories were good.
But what you came here
For has been accomplished.
It’s time to
Take your leave.
For these energy vampires
Will suck you till
You die,
My dear.

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